Château de La Chaize


“If walls could talk…” … Château de La Chaize would tell the story of countless generations. In fact, this stunning 17th century estate has been home to the same family since it was first built. The descendants of the founder, Jean-François de La Chaize d’Aix, have been its devoted caretakers for nearly threehundred and fifty years. In 2017, they passed the estate on to the family of Christophe Gruy, an entrepreneur and chairman of the Maïa Group, based in Lyon.

Acting as liaison between a prestigious past and a promising future, the new owner has great ambition for Château de La Chaize.

Committed to expanding and enhancing the remarkable vineyards on the property – in harmony with nature - Christophe Gruy has developed a demanding ecological approach: conversion of all vineyards to organic

farming, including the adoption of parcel-based farming and grape selection. His goal? To enable Château de La Chaize wines to express the character and singularity of their terroir to the fullest.

Wine RRP
2018 Cote de Brouilly $35.00
2018 Fleurie $35.00
2018 Brouilly $35.00
2018 Brouilly "La Chaize" monopole $45.00