Champagne Fluteau



Nestling on the banks of the River Seine in the Aube region of Champagne, the Fluteau family has been making Champagne since 1935. Their hand crafted Champagnes reflect the unique soils and climate of their Côte des Bars property.

The Fluteau Blanc de Noirs is made from 100% pinot noir grapes and shows a characteristically soft, gold colour with a hint of ‘blush pink’ from the red grapes used. The bead is very tiny and most persistent and forms a generous ring of bubbles in the flute.

The rich and full-bodied expression of the pinot grapes displays some red berry characters, a hint of blackberry and cherry with delicate notes of brioche and other toasts. The front palate has great richness and depth of flavor with powerful ripe berry and yeasty characters.

With a deliberately low dosage, the middle palate is both powerful and delicate at the same time. There is excellent persistence which makes it a perfect aperitif and especially as a choice for pre-dinner with charcuterie and other hors d’oeuvre platters.

Wine RRP
NV Champagne Fluteau Blanc de Noirs $55.00
NV Champagne Fluteau Extra Brut $75.00
2006 Champagne Fluteau Cuvée Symbiose $85.00
2008 Champagne Fluteau Cuvée Symbiose $85.00
2008 Champagne Fluteau Cuvée Presitige (1.5 litre magnum) $140.00