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2012 Vintage in Chablis

The 2012 crop is small in Chablis and the wines are generally looking very good. Many wines from Chablis are unusually fruity but those which were picked early finish with the classical austere marine mineral notes of the region.

Domaine Besson 2012 Chablis 1er cru "Mont de Milieu"

Being on the ‘right bank’ of the River Serein the wines from Mont de Milieu, like those of Montee de Tonnerre and Fourchaume, display characteristic that have more in common with the Grand Crus than the Premier Cru vineyards on the other side.

 The 2012 Mont de Milieu has a superb, clear yellow colour. There are most complex and assertive notes in the bouquet which include ripe apple, peach, subtle lemon and spices.

The feature of the palate is the great texture which keeps the complex flavours of lemon and stone fruits focused in the middle and then leads into a fine and very long finish.

This is Grand Cru in all but name!




Domaine Besson 2012 Chablis 1er cru "Montmains"

The Premier Cru vineyard “Montmains” is on the ‘left’ bank of the Serein River and is renowned for producing wine of exceptional quality.


Relatively pale in colour, the aroma is quite superb. There is a concentration of ripe citrus fruits, a pear-like character that is very attractive and an underlying minerality which is the hallmark of Chablis.


On the palate, the wine begins delightfully with a rich, yet fine, fruit flavor that is reminiscent of peach and other stone fruits. There is a lovely acid balance with an appealing mouth-feel followed by great length and complexity.


This is a wonderful example of the 2012 vintage with its concentration of fruit and great acid balance.


2011 Vintage in Chablis

The 2011 Chablis vintage is noted for elegance, delicacy and attractive fruit. All our 2011's are sold out

Domaine Besson 2011 Chablis

This is the first Chablis from the new vintage of 2011. It is quite pale in colour, there is a delightful perfume here reminiscent of lemon tree blossom. As well, there are attractive spicy notes, some citrus and the tell-tale Chablis minerality and flintiness.


The front palate has a lovely, richly fruited entry supported by a fine minerality as well as supple acidity. This wine has superb balance with excellent acid structure and a great mouth feel.


The Besson style is always a little more accessible than that of other producers in Chablis. We recommend it for immediate consumption or short to medium term cellaring.


A perfect accompaniment to oysters and other shellfish


Domaine Besson 2011 Chablis Grand Cru "Vaudésir"

The appearance is absolutely crystal clear with a hint of green on the rim.


On the nose there are complex minerals supported by exotic citrus with some peach and a distinctive spiciness. The flavours are very ripe for Chablis and lead into an unctuous, lifted rich citrus character that even seems a little raisinous.


The palate perisists for what seems to be minutes and the finish is fine and long. This is one of the richest, almost ‘sweet’ white wines to come out of Chablis and is highlighted a lovely intensity and fine acidity.


One of the very special wines from the Besson stable. 18.5+/20

Domaine Besson 2011 Chablis Grand Cru "Les Clos"

Excellent appearance with a light yellow-green colour and beautifully clear on the edge.


This wine shows more pure lemon with a hint of grapefruit as well as some obvious flintiness and fine minerality. The palate has a combination of minerality and underlying power with all of the classic Grand Cru Chablis characters. It is still quite ‘reserved’ and ‘classic’.


This is an austere, fine, long, complex wine with excellent acidity which suggests a wine for the long haul.


It is noteworthy for its great mouth feel and wonderful intensity. 18/20.





2010 Vintage in Chablis

The 2010 Chablis vintage is noted for elegance and structure. Together with the ripeness of the fruit, this has the potential for medium term ageing. In short, it is a classic vintage that will be enjoyed for many years.

Domaine Besson 2010 Chablis


This AC wine has the characters that we expect from Chablis. The pale colour leads into an aroma of minerals, citrus and spice. In the background there are most attractive apple like aromatic plus a degree of typical Chablis flintiness.


It shows minerality and some flintiness. The wine is fine and beautifully balanced with generous fruit and subtle acidity.


This is an attractive and enticing wine that will age gracefully for 5 to 10 years.

A perfect accompaniment to oysters and other shellfish.


2009 Vintage in Chablis

The 2009 Chablis vintage is noted for the ripeness and richness of the fruit and the potential for short term aging. In a word, it is a delicious vintage for those who enjoy power and intensity in their white wines.

Domaine Besson 2009 Chablis

This AC wine has the characters that we expect from Chablis. The pale colour leads into an aroma of minerals, citrus and spice. In the background there are most attractive peach and pear aromatics plus a degree of typical Chablis flintiness.


A generous front palate shows a wine that is already beginning to show some maturity. The peach flavour, in particular, is most enticing and the finish has enough acid to ensure short to medium term ageing but with great early appeal.



$27.50 per bottle
$25.00 per bottle in a case (straight or mixed)



Domaine Besson 2009 Chablis 1er Cru Montmains

There is always a lot of discussion about the relative merits of the ‘left bank’ Premier Crus compared to the ‘right bank’ Premier Crus of Chablis. It is on the right bank of the Serein River that the Grand Cru vineyards are located and some very good Premier Crus are to be found here.

On the left bank of the Serein the Premier Crus are slightly more reserved and subtle. This Montmains is no different and shows a restraint and finesse that is most appealing.


The first impression is steely with a suggestion of minerals. In the background there is an underlying richness of some tree fruits like pear and ripe apple. The palate is quite substantial in this vintage and the finish is very long. A wonderful wine as an accompaniment to a host of crustaceans and white flesh fish.



Domaine Besson 2009 Chablis 1er Cru Mont de Milieu


If the left bank Premier Cru displays suppleness and some delicacy, here we have the richness that can be found on the other side of the river. The aroma is more tropical and with some white flesh fruits like nectarine and ripe peach.


There is also a discernible level of ripe melon which is a character often reserved for the White Burgundies of the C?te de Beaune. As well as these characters, the essential nature of Chablis comes through with hints of mineral and a degree of flintiness. The palate is very generous with loads of ripe fruits, a fine lick of acid and a finish that continues for some time.


This most ample wine is the perfect match for full flavoured foods like grilled prawns.



Domaine Besson 2009 Chablis Grand Cru Vaudsir


Within the hierarchy of the Grand Crus of Chablis, it is almost always standard for Les Clos to be placed at the top and then Vaud?sir just below. The wonderful part of all of this is the fact that they are different because of the difference in their ‘terroirs’.


This wine is generous to a fault. The aroma is an intriguing mix of ripe, candied fruits, lemon zest, ripe peach and spices. The palate delivery is superb with a rich, full tropical fruit flavour supported by notes of baked apple and cr?me brul?e.


The flavours persist for what seems to be almost timeless, and the finish is both lush and focused with enough acid to keep everything in balance. This wine is simply delightful!




Domaine Besson 2009 Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos


What most knowledgeable wine commentators will say about ‘Les Clos’ is that it provides the taster with all of the dimensions of the Chablis palette. In short, ‘Les Clos’ is the essence of Chablis.


The Besson style is up there with the very best with its distinctive minerality, a ‘steely’, flinty character with hints of apple, pear, apricot, citrus and spice. The flavours are an amazing amalgamation of richness and restraint, suppleness and subtlety with an underlying ripeness and yet so well fine-tuned by acid.


This superb wine is one of the joys of drinking high quality white wine and just once in everyone’s life this wine should be savoured.